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5 Simple Steps to Discover Your Personal Style

When you get ready to go out, do you pull together an outfit that you feel and look great in or do you throw on the closest clean thing you can find? At Cougar Life, we know that feeling good is the foundation of confidence, and nothing feels better than being true to yourself and rocking an outfit that speaks to your unique personal style. Whether you feel stuck in a fashion rut from yesteryear or you just want to revamp your current look, we’ve got what you need to hone in on your personal style so you can show the world your beautiful, vibrant self.

1. Find the look you want

Think about outfits that you feel your best in. Is it a tailored suit, the perfect pair of jeans, or your trusty LBD? What do you love about those clothes? Do you gravitate towards color or keep things more minimalist? Are there certain materials you love (or hate)?What about style icons? Do you like Viola Davis’ effortless glamor, Cate Blanchett’s edgy risk taking style, Jennifer Aniston’s classic sleek chic, or Elle Macpherson’s mix of street and boho pieces?Are there brands or designers you love? One woman’s Michael Kors is another’s Kate Spade. Pull together accessories, clothes, or whole looks you see and look for common themes.Get inspiration from celebrities, or create your own Pinterest board of drool-worthy outfits.

2. Break some rules

Forget about the rules and do what feels right to you. Women living the Cougar Life don’t follow society’s rules, they do what they know works for them. If accessories are your thing, try mixing silver and gold jewelry together. Want to wear one color head to toe? Do it! Still worried about matching your shoes to your belt or purse? It’s time to let that one go.
Other on trend rule-breaking ideas: mix patterns (think stripes or polka dots and florals), a pop of sequins during the day (under a blazer or on a skirt), wear white year round, combine pink and red, and definitely ignore the traditional advice on “dressing your age.”

3. Highlight what you love

Fashion over 40 shouldn’t be used to hide what you think are flaws; it should be a celebration of self love. Finding your personal style is all about focusing on things you love about yourself. If you love your legs, show them off! Find skirts and dresses in cuts you feel great in, or rock a pair of wide leg pants that emphasize your to-die-for long legs. If you’d rather focus attention upstairs, by all means wear clothes that flatter your décolleté.A word of caution: there is a fine line between low cut and too low cut. Consider the occasion, material, cut, and yes, the size of the girls. Today’s cougar doesn’t need overkill to be bold and sexy.

4. Audit everything

Now that you have an idea of what you want to say with your style choices, it’s time to take a good, hard look at the clothes you have. Pull out everything—we mean it, even the Netflix-binge-only sweatpants and old college t-shirts—and do a full wardrobe audit.Taking a page out of the KonMari Method, hold each item and decide if you love it or if it’s useful. Think about how it fits with your ideal style, how it pairs with other things you own, and the last time you wore it (and be honest about that one). Anything that doesn’t pass the test with flying colors goes to the donation pile. Even clothes you plan on lounging in should make you feel like your best self. Trade the ratty sweats for sleep leggings and a loose top and you’ll be radiant even if it’s just you and the latest season of Scandal.When you have your new, pared down wardrobe, lay everything out and see what outfit combinations you have. Look for gaps and fill them in with quality pieces that will last more than a season.

5. Finishing touches

Once you’ve settled on the clothes, do the same with your jewelry. That costume necklace from the 80’s can probably find a new home, but maybe you’ll surprise yourself and find a gem amongst your baubles.Same thing goes for shoes: keep what you like and leave the rest. Shoes, belts, and bags are a great place to experiment with trendier pieces while remaining true to your overall aesthetic. A wide belt can add new life to a skirt and top, and a great boot can really pull a look together.Think about your hair and makeup too. When was the last time you changed either of them? Places like Sephora offer complimentary makeovers with a small purchase, and give you a chance to learn new techniques—from cougar-licious cat’s eye liner to a bronzed South Beach glow. As you get older, less is more when it comes to makeup, and a go-to face look can be part of your personal style.  

However you decide to present yourself to the world, confidence and a great attitude are the foundation for every successful look. Finding your personal style is one step you can take to own your look and be every inch the sexy, self-assured cougar you deserve to be.

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