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Spring Trends to Welcome the Sunshine

The first official day of spring has sprung, and we’re ready for some sunshine! Those of us in the Northeast were hit hard with the last snowstorm of the year *fingers crossed*, so we’re ready to think ahead to warm spring days, cute dresses, and adding more colour to our wardrobes.

With the help of trends coming out of New York Fashion Week and forward-thinking industry influencers, we’re here to bring you insight into what you should be wearing, eating, and doing this season.

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One-shoulder pieces were all over the runway at NYFW this year. From deconstructed oxfords to sheer blouses with shoulder cut outs, we’re already seeing these bold tops in stores. For an ageless style, let your shoulders out for a surprisingly sexy date night look.

Traditional fashion rules say not to wear horizontal stripes if you don’t want to draw attention to your mid section, but we say if there’s a bold stripe that’s speaking to you from the rack, own that style.

If we take just one thing from this year’s NYFW, it’s to embrace the edge. Brands like Coach flaunted rebellious styles that were almost reminiscent of the punk era. Big messy hair, studs on everything, and a resurgence of leather will make some of our Cougar Life members happy again!


While super fun pastel hair color combos are all the rage for those looking to embrace their youth, some of us want something a little more natural.

Glamour Magazine features on-trend color techniques like balayage or ombré that are basically free-hand painted highlights that don’t require a head of tinfoil to set, and can update your go-to color with a more subtle palette.

Whether it’s sea-inspired waves infused with some actual sea salt or a mane of loose curls, volume is the name of the game this season. To get the look, blow dry with a round brush to add volume at the crown, then add lots of loose curls with your wide-barrelled curling iron.


Fad diets are out and lifestyle changes are in. With buzzwords like “anti-inflammatory diet” and “gut health” dominating, the goal is to focus on eating the right foods and living a healthy lifestyle rather than on quickly losing that last 5 pounds. Health gurus of all kinds are introducing kimchi, kombucha, and healthy probiotics into their diets, and we suggest adding these yummy additions to your weekly meal plan for a healthier and happier week.

Everywhere we look, we keep hearing about how important it is to be mindful. From making conscious decisions about what we’re keeping in our closets and house, to making more well-informed decisions, mindfulness matters. In Pinterest’s Top 100 for 2017 roundup, yin yoga, a slower-paced version of yoga that aids in mindful meditation, is up 150%. Take some time to start your day off right by experimenting with meditation or yin yoga.

For something more intense, high intensity interval training (HIIT) has been found to reverse the signs of aging, and we could all use some of that! There’s nothing more confidence boosting than a good workout, so hit the gym and then take your strong, sexy self over to Cougar Life and find someone fun.

While trends can come and go, one thing’s for sure: finding a date on Cougar Life has never been easier for experienced women who date younger men.

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